PyLadies October Meet-up

This month’s PyLadies Pune meet-up was a bit different than its previous ones. Not only was it a half day meet-up but also had a very special guest -Hong Phuc from Vietnam as our opening speaker.

Hong Phuc, founder FOSSASIA, gave us a brief introduction of what the community FOSSASIA is all about and how FOSSASIA is trying to share , create and thus develop open source technology. She gave us an insight into FOSSASIA’s programs like “Code Heat”, ways one get involved with open source projects and about the FOSSASIA community in India. Having mentored and interacted with students from all over the world through FOSSASIA’s education and training program, she could very well understand the dilemma that we, as beginners face. Her advice and tips surely provided a good head start for us.

She even stressed upon the need to improve the number of women contributors in open source which is quite similar to what PyLadies is trying to achieve. All in all the talk was  enlightening and empowering.

The session was soon followed by a lightning talk by Samriddhi and Pooja, fellow PyLadies .They shared their experience with Python so far, reason for choosing Python and walked us through some key differences in Python 2 and 3.

The final session of the day was “Workshop on building shell with cmd2 module “ by Kushal Das. I was honestly quite fascinated by the cmd2 module. This simple module could help us build our own shell! Kushal walked us through the basic syntax and some common functions and terminologies related to the module. We implemented quite a few commands in our very own shell. By the end of the workshop we had created our own shell, with our own prompter(notice “pyladies>” in the screen shot below) and defined some of our own commands.

(“hey”- prints name of the current user in red color)


And well , no meet-up is complete without food -Pizzas for the stomach, Python for the brain! 🙂


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